Tulail valley Gurez…water fall..

Around 120 km from srinagar,is a very beautiful waterfall in the valley Gurez Tulail village Gujran of district Bandipora .After travelling around 57 km from srinagar city you will reach a district Bandipora. After reaching Bandipora you will have to travel a stretch of around 86 km of ghat road which provides you a thrilling experience of Razdhan pass while traveling this journey you pass through Tragbal where you got daaba (tea stall) if you love nun chai you must try after some refreshment after entering #_valley_Gurez your eyes will open up to heaven on earth. After driving straight from Gurez around 13 km cutting your way river krishn ganga, and a dense forest, The place is hidden from the noisy external world and offers you the best of nature. It is covered with valleys, dense forest, and chirping birds.The place is called #_Tulail_valley. After entering this area you will have to travel around 26 km through many small villages to reach this Village called #_Gujran_Tulail. Now by foot Climbing up through forest way about 2 hours journey you reach lush green meadow,But a little effort may heal your heart.And then, you gaze at the amazing waterfalls. One simply falls short of words to describe this untouched beauty. To add adventure, you can enjoy trekking though big boulders to reach the footsteps of the waterfalls. The water gushes through rocks making its own path from a height of 200 feet and splits in to multiple streams. While there are many such scenic waterfalls, this one is just so amazing and very accessible. Climbing up further to reach to top of falls may seem as a good idea,

Beautiful waterfall in Tulail valley Gurez

Dardistan/ Gurez valley

In 1895, the British author Sir Walter Lawrence called the Gurez Valley “one of the most beautiful scenes in all of Kashmir,” where the tourmaline waters of the Kishenganga River are framed by “mountain scarps of indescribable grandeur.” In the book he wrote after traveling throughout the princely state, Lawrence predicted that Gurez would soon become one of Kashmir’s most popular Himalayan tourist destination
Since the one road into Gurez closes for about six months of the year Knowing that the best way to see the valley and meet its people would be to travel on foot.

Gurez valley …the valley is surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Its at about 2,400metres (8000ft ) above sea level and the population is about 30,000.the valley is Being situated very close to the (Burzile pass) which leads into Astore District of Gilgit-Baltistan, the inhabitants are ethnic Dards/ Shins. They speak the Shina language and have the same styles of dress and culture as their kinsmen. valley has diverse fauna and wildlife including the Brown bear , Ibex and snow leopard Its.                                            divided into three Zone’s. Upper, Middle and Lower . The lower is known as Bagtore . Middle is known as Gurez and upper zone is known as Tulail..  these all three Zone’s are  known as Gurez Tehsil, and it’s part of the India administered ..its headquarters is Bandipora .98Km from Gurez . during winter its totally cutoff from its headquarters for six months due to heavy snow fall .and the people of valley traveling from Gurez to Bandipora on foot …the famous river Neelum / Kishanganga which is Flowing through the Gurez valley and its has two streams one is coming from Pakistan and another is from coming from TulailGurez.the famous ancient silk Root which is now known as Gurez Road.this silk road is ended in village  Chorwan in  Neer LoC….it has three zones…………………………………………                         1.The Tulail zone ..(upper zone) it’s starting from village Barnoie up Abdullain ..last village.          2.TheGurez Zone .. (Middle zone)it’s starting from first village Khoprihajan up to Chorwan..Here Chorwan village is last village near LOC…                                                               3.The Bagtore ZONE..(lower zone) it’s starting from village Nayial up to Tarbal here in Bagtore this villages is Close to LOC… (DardAmjad)…

Best location in GUREZ valley in year 2022

Gurez Valley prevailing in the high Himalayas at about 2400 m up above sea level is circumambient by snow-capped mountains. The trip to Gurez Valley will be going to give you some best memorable experiences. Gurez Valley will let you explore the place along with enjoyment and pleasure. The journey to the valley will treat the visitors to the refreshing cool breeze. It is the epitome of a stunning serene mountainous valley spread across the river banks. Gurez Valley provides a calm and tranquil atmosphere all around that attracts a huge number of tourists to spend their vacation in this gorgeous valley of Gurez . If talking about the flora and fauna, Gurez Valey is very rich and diverse with different species of animals and plants. It serves as an ideal place for trekking, rock climbing, sightseeing and camping. The Kishanganga Hydroelectric Project is a run-of-the-river project that includes a 37-meter high concrete rockfill dam across the Kishanganga River, located just before it flows across the Line of Control (LoC) into Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK)

Artificial Lake GUREZ valley
Overview of valley Gurez Morning time

Good time to explore Gurez

Astan Nalla Near Baba Darvash

The ideal time to visit Gurez Valley is from May to October due to the pleasant weather, blooming new wildflowers and mesmerizing atmosphere all around. Gurez Valley typically remains cutoff from December to March. So, make your trips to Gurez Valley this vacation anytime during May-October.


Razdhan pass Gurez valley…

This is a beautiful high altitude pass at a height of 3300 m that provides some breathtaking views of the mountains and two overview of two valleys Bandipora and Gurez This gorgeous pass will enchant all your senses and will let you click some memorable pictures..


Habbakhatoon Mountain..

Habba Khatoon Peak is one of the topmost tourist attractions in Gurez Valley. It is a rocky mountain having a pyramid shape and standing tall by the KishanGanga rivers providing geourges look and its has also a spring named as Habbakhatoon spring with clear crystal and fome water falls from the food hills of Habbakhatoon Mountain in to river kishanganga / Neelam River.amazing views in the time of sunset.


Pir baba shrine

Peer Baba Shrine sits beautifully the top of Bandipora valley and the most important thing is that it is maintained by the Indian Army and locals jointly It will provide you with the best spiritual retreat.


River kishanganga/ Neelam

The River Kishen Ganga/ Neelam will be greeting you as you climb down Razdan Pass. The river will offer you to participate in various events such as trout fishing, rafting and could also indulge yourself in camping near the river bank.


Tourist Camping in Dawar

Dawar is the heart of Gurez Valley offering fascinating beaut coverd with high mountains. It is the middle Zoon of the valley that is spread over fifteen villages.Start from Badwan ,Wanpora , khandyal, Shahpora khandyal, Markoot, Achoora and last village Chorwan is located close to LOC . Dawar used to give some best experience of the countryside and calm life of the local people residing over there.

Go Gurez valley

Tulail valley Gurez
Beautiful view of Gurez
Pic of Gurez festival

Blessed with nature’s bounty, of lush meadows and alpine forests, the gushing clear water of Kishanganga, and wonderful trekking routes, Gurez, along the ancient Silk Route which connected Kashmir Valley with Gilgit, before continuing further to Kashmir, is the most beautiful and safest place to visit for tourists in Kashmir.
A valley between high snow-capped mountains, Gurez is a place of beautiful simplicity and pristine natural beauty. It has a unique culture that keeps you intrigued throughout your journey, from Bandipora to Dawar till Kabul Gali. Gurez was part of ancient Dardistan, stretching between Sharada Peeth in the west, Minimarg in the north, Drass in the east, and Bagtore in the south. This part of the world is still unexplored and hidden from the community of tourists and travellers. Every year lakhs of travellers around the world visit Kashmir to enjoy the beauty of paradise on earth but the majority of them miss Gurez, and I must say they miss the real beauty of Kashmir.
To boost the tourist flow and to explore the valley, DySP Gurez Shiekh Adil has started a campaign ‘Go Gurez’. Shiekh Adil after joining office at the very outset focused on Gurez’s tourism sector and is trying his best to bring Gurez on the tourist map of Kashmir. Let’s discuss the needs of a traveller and the tourism potential of the valley of Gurez.
Gurez is blessed with lush green alpine forests, gushing fresh water of the Kishanganga, lush meadows and snow-capped beautiful mountains. A tourist wishes to see true natural beauty, not artificial parks and gardens, and this is what Gurez is bestowed with. The beautiful Razdan Pass mesmerises the traveller before entering the valley of Gurez. The beauty and appealing view of Razdan makes one forget the travel fatigue caused by the serpentine hilly? rough road, which has huge potholes and runs along steep gorges. The tall alpine trees, the snow-capped mountains, and the communities of Burza, the paper trees (local name Jozi), the Peer Baba shrine, everything here welcomes the traveller.
After passing Razdan, the rooftops of hamlet Kanzalwan reveal the human life in the valley. The high and beautiful Habba Khatoon mountain welcomes one to the valley of Gurez. After passing different hamlets, one reaches Dawar, 85 km from Bandipora, which is the main town of Gurez. The villages in Gurez have small wood-logged huts with European-style rooftops. The villagers here are happy-faced with a smile on everyone’s lips and are most hospitable. From Dawar the road leads the traveller to another part of Gurez, the valley of Tulail, through a narrow pass, Chack Nallah. This hidden part of Gurez is 15 km from Dawar and here, the village Barnaoi with its charming people welcomes one to Tulail.
The unpaved, rough, narrow 72-km-long road leads to Kabul Gali through the hamlets of wooden-log houses, along the gushing Kishanganga, also called the Neelam river. The people here are most hospitable and loving. There are a few hotels to stay in Gurez but none in Tulail. Travellers, though, feel at home as the people offer everyone to stay with them in their houses, for free! People here seem to like guests and their behaviour is such that the traveller feels at home.
The beauty of Kishanganga, lush meadows, simple people, high mountains, rocky slopes, green willows, tall poplars and much more is what one can enjoy from Kanzalwan to Kabul Gali.
On the way to Kabul Gali from Bandipora, there are many beautiful places to sit and enjoy some sort of snacks, tea, etc. While crossing the Razdan Pass, the highest place along the road, one witnesses an unforgettable panoramic view. The Harmukh peak can also be seen from here. The first place to rest for a while and enjoy the bewitching beauty of meadows is Trag Bal. After having some tea and snacks one can move ahead and the next wonderful spot for rest is the Peer Baba shrine. The site has been developed as a spiritual spot just before Razdan Top where one can enjoy the panoramic view of the whole Bandipora forest range and the small hamlets which seem to be locked within the gorges of these mountains. At the top of the Razdan Pass, which is 11,000 feet above mean sea level, it is thrilling to see the unending mountain ridges which seem to be touching the sky. You can see from here some important peaks like Nanga-Parbat and Harmukh towering above the rest of the mountain peaks around.
Ahead, the journey is downhill through rough roads and steep gorges till one reaches the first hamlet of Gurez Valley called Korg-Bal, a small hamlet with a cluster of kachcha houses. This hamlet was an important stoppage for the trading caravans coming from the northern areas and Central Asia before crossing the Razdan Pass. Next to this is the hamlet Kanzalwan, from where the road divides into two, one in the direction of Kishanganga towards Bakhtoor and Izmarg. One must not miss Izmarg, the Gulmarg of Gurez. The beauty of Bakhtoor and Izmarg is mesmerising where the natural beauty is worth enjoying. Ahead of Kanzalwan is the dam site of the 330-MW Kishanganga hydel power project, which is also becoming a tourist attraction but needs further development.
Khofri is the next hamlet, with fairly good houses nestled on the mountain as well as on both sides of the road. On the right side below the road and on the left bank of the downstream Kishenganga river was the most beautiful village of Gurez, Badwan. But because of its falling under the site for the hydel project, the village is submerged and the people have shifted to Wanpora, another hamlet with newly constructed houses. The Degree College Gurez has been established here in Wanpora. Fakir Pora and Khandyal are two hamlets near Wanpora and there is also the shrine of Hazrat Baba Dervesh.
Dawar, the headquarters of Gurez valley, is the next hamlet. Dawar by all means qualifies to be the headquarters of this beautiful Valley. There is a fairly established market here having old-type structures, most of them wooden, depicting the primitive culture prevailing in this Valley. Shops selling different goods including tea stalls are lined on both sides of the main road as well as the interior road. There is the sub-divisional office besides the tehsil office and offices of all other departments. A well-built Dak Bungalow, a tourist reception center, a rest house, many small restaurants and hotels are also here for the convenience of tourists. For any assistance a traveller can meet the heads of all the sub-divisional and tehsil offices.
From Dawar the road gets again bifurcated into two, one leading to Chorwan via Achhora and the beautiful Habba Khatoon peak, and another to Tulail. One can enjoy here the cool and milky fresh water of the Habba Khatoon spring, and a fine view of Kishanganga. River rafting for professionals is also available here. On the way to Tulail, the hamlets Mastan and Markoot with both new and old houses welcome the traveller with open arms. The famous Kaka Palace, the leading private sector accommodation facility, is also here in Mastan.
The wide and beautiful army headquarters are ahead of Markoot. This place is called the Shital Bagh. The beautiful parks, Army Goodwill School, fine orchards established by the Indian Army are on both sides of the road, adding to the beauty of the valley. After crossing the Tourist Check Post, Army headquarters and BRO headquarters, the narrow pass of Chack Nallah begins and is the starting point of the hidden part of Gurez, Tulail. With almost same-styled beautiful wooden houses, all the villages of Tulail look like small wards of a large city. Hamlets of Shiekh Pora, Kilshay, Purana Tulail, Neeru, Badugam, Sardab, Buglinder, GG Shiekh, Hussangam, , Angaikoot, Gujran, Chack Wali, and Kabul Gali present a beautiful and extremely picturesque view, as the river Kishanganga comes dashing along through a rich meadow, partly covered with lindens, poplar and willow trees, while the mountains on either side present nothing but a succession of most abrupt precipices, and alpine lodges covered with fir trees. The people here are the most hospitable and simple with smiling faces. The mountains of the valley seem to be calling out to travellers and trekkers to come and enjoy the virgin and real beauty of Kashmir.
During winter season, Gurez remains cut off from the rest of the world for almost six months from the month of November to the month of April. Gurez is as much beautiful in the winters as it is in the months of summer. The valley has huge potential for winter tourism and winter sports. Like Gulmarg, Gurez can also be developed as a winter tourist destination and sports venue during the winter season. Snow cricket, skiing, snow road race, snow hockey, etc, are the sports which can be played in Gurez during winter. River rafting, mountain trekking, mountain biking, cycling, road races, etc, can be organised in summers. Hence, in view of the tourism potential of the valley, I can say that Gurez is truly a great place to enjoy and Mr Shiekh Adil is doing the best thing with his campaign, Go Gurez.
Some suggestions:
To develop the valley of Gurez-Tulail on the tourist map, the first and most important thing is to create a separate Gurez Development Authority. Under the banner of GDA, the valley can be developed as a destination for tourists from around the world. The road must be widened and blacktopped. Already approved in 1999, the road hasn’t been still widened and of Rs 4.49 crore, only a few lakhs have been utilised for land acquisition. The district administration, which has to do the road widening, should speed up the process.
The infrastructure in the scenic tourist spots like the Trag-Bal meadows, the dam site, Habba Khatoon peak, the Patalwan Lake, Shiekhpora forests, Angaikoot meadows and forests, the Chackwali hills, etc, could be developed much more. The Kishanganga river and its tributaries having gushing icy waters are home to the famous snow trout and other varieties which locals say could be harnessed for angling sport for adventurists, while the mountain tracks leading to lakes like Patalwan and others could be promoted for adventure tourism.
The local residents should be funded to modify their homes to accommodate tourists. Tourist huts and rest houses in different hamlets should be built for the convenience of tourists. A tunnel for Gurez could help promote all-weather tourism to the place. A road tunnel will also help the locals during winters when the valley is cut off from the rest of the world due to huge snow accumulation in the Razdan Pass and the people face dearth of essential commodities.
Hence, if Gurez is developed by creating a Gurez Development Authority, by blacktopping the road, by harnessing its full tourism potential, it can be a leading tourist destination of Jammu and Kashmir. Gurez tourism can also boost the local economy and can help in boosting employment opportunities. The local people, especially the youth, should come forward to help the local administration in boosting Gurez tourism. The handicrafts department should start different business establishments to encourage and support the local handicrafts and craftsmen. The social forestry department, floriculture department, and horticulture department should start a wide range of plantation drives so that the uncultivated government land is utilised to create parkes.

Artificial Lake in Neelam River
Gurez valley

The land of Dards Gurez valley

Gurez valley
Track Gurez valley

The Blackberry Bush and Pearl

A long time a go a wild blackberry Bush had a pearl .One day that pearl fell down out of her hand .A little bird was flying by and came and landed near the pearl . Seeing the pearl,she hopped over , picked it up in her mouth and stopped there.As the black barry bush was asking for her pearl ,the little bird said ” i would not give the pearl”.Near by the black barry bush a thorn had grown up . Showing the thorn she said to the little bird,”shell I bring that thorn over there and and make it prick your foot ?”.Go on ,bring it !if you are able to make and it prick me , please go!” The black berry bush said to the thorn,”.Go oh thron ,and please prick the foot of that little bird over there!” After pricking and pricking now i have sat down,”the thron said and refused to prick . Just over there a fire was smouldering.The black barry bush said to the fire ,”Go,oh fire,burn that thron over there, please go!”After burning and burning i have sat down,”the fire said ,and refused to burn it.well, then ,shall i have sat down,”the fire said, and refused to burn it .”well,then ,shall i speak to it !”The black berry bush said to the water,”Extinguish that fire over there i have just now sat down,” the water said and refused to extinguishing i have just now sat down,” the water said and refused to extinguishing it .”Shall i bring that ox over there and have him drink you up ?”. “Go on ! If you are able to make him do it ,So please make him do it !” “Go oh ox , please drink up that water over there the Blackberry bush said to the ox After drinking and drinking i have sat down ,” the ox replied and said he would be unable.”So then i ll speak to that man over there and have kill you, then what will happen?”Go if you are able to make him kill me , then please make him killme !Go oh man please kill that oc over there the Blackberry bush said to the man . After killing and killing i have just now sat down,the man said the man said and refused to kill it .so then if i speak to that rat over there,she will chew your lether boots.go oh rat please chew the lether boot of that man over there the black berry bush said to the rat . After chewing and chewing i have just now sat down the rat said and refused to chew .so then shell i speak to over there and make her eat you well then please go if you are able to make her eat you.well then please go if you are able to make her eat me so make her go oh cat please eat that rat over there the Blackberry bush said to the cat the cat replied after eating and eating i have just now sat down and said she was unable well then if i speak to those woman over there they will bother you go on please make them bother me go oh woman please me if you are able to make them bother me go oh woman please bother that cat over there the Blackberry bush said to the woman please bother that cat over there the Blackberry bush said to the woman.After bothering and boring we have sat down they replied and said they would be unable to bother. Well then shall i call to the wind of a hundred mountain and make it blow away your wool go if you are able to make it blow then please make it blow wailing like a witch the Blackberry bush spiraled up and flew to the mountains Halloo wind of a hundred mountain come blow these woman’s wool away come ,” she said .
Just then the wind come forcefully and scattered the woman’s wool then the women went and bother the cat . The cat went and ate the rat the went and chewed the man’s leather boot the man went and killed the ox the ix went and drank up the water the water went and extinguished the fire the fire went and burn the thron the thron went and pricked the little birds foot the little bird brought the pearl and gave it to the black berry bush.

Story Of Dardistan…2022..

Snow valley Gurez
… since last many centuries our Gurez valley is Known as Hidden paradise ..In History of kashmir ( its mentioned Gurez crown of kashmir But This story is about today’s Gurez . Every Person of Gurez valley is trying to bring Gurez in lime light. Gurez is a beautiful valley located in the high Himalayas. It is surrounded by snow capped mountains. During winters it receives snowfall. The accumulation of snow throws normal life out of gear.notwithstanding of heavy snow youth of valley Gurez finds one way or the other to get maximum pleasure and joy form the winter .Hitherto the youth of the valley Gurez were playing snow cricket during winters .But to ones utter surprise this winter the youth of the valley could be seen indulging in snow skiing.It is a dream come true to the youth and youngsters of the valley.The efforts of Tanveer magray and Iqbal Mir from Dawar Gurez to train the youngsters is quite laudable.Literally lack of proper knowledge, professional skii instructors, training, skill and requisite equipment and gear is making the sport strenuous for the youth.Their are no groomed on-piste slopes .However their is great potential of off-piste skiing in the area.we request the Govt.to pay its due consideration and attention towards the development of Skiing and snow boarding in Valley Gurez.So that the latent talent of the youth could be galvanized.Ten years old Affan Shiekh and Mehran lone have learned alot about the sport. Both these chaps are hoping against the hope that one day they will participate in national and international events. But unfortunately as mentioned above lack of instructors, knowledge, skill ,equipment and gear are making it difficult for them.Literray it can be said that everything is not hunky dory for the snow skiing lovers of Valley Gurez…. visit such a Beautiful place in winter season…….Here is also flight ✈️ available for all in low price , accommodation is Excellent each and every thing is beautiful and lovely………..for more information# follow us on My YouTube channel, snow#@ valley Gurez#…….
…. Thanks…….Dard Amjad

Snow skies in Gurez valley


Year 2022

Story OF Dard King YOUSUF shah Chak And His Wife Habbakhutan

Dard King YOUSUF Shah Chak

Gurez, (Guráai in the local Shina language) is a valley located in the high Himalayas, about 86 kilometres (53 mi) from Bandipore and 123 kilometres (76 mi) from Srinagar in northern Kashmir and southern Gilgit-Baltistan. At about 2,400 metres (8,000 ft) above sea level, the valley is surrounded by snow-capped mountains. It has diverse fauna and wildlife including the Himalayan brown bear and the snow leopard. Gurez is a series of Valleys have four parts three of which are in POK The Kishanganga River flows through the valley which is 5 miles in length. The road to Gilgit runs through Gurez.
Being situated very close to the Burzil Pass, which leads into Astore District of Gilgit-Baltistan, the inhabitants are ethnic Dards/Shins. They speak the Shina language and have the same styles of dress and culture as their kinsmen in Pakistani- administered Northern areas.
Dawar is the central township in the area. The population of the area is scattered among fifteen villages. Due to heavy snowfall (around 2 metres (7 ft)) and closure of Razdan Pass in winter, the valley remains cut off for six months of the year.
Historically, Gurez was part of ancient Dardistan, stretching between Sharada Peeth in the west, Minimarg in the north, Drass in the east, and Baghtor in the south. The valley falls along the ancient Silk Route, which connected the Kashmir Valley with Gilgit, before continuing further to Kashgar. Archaeological surveys in valleys north of Gurez have uncovered hundreds of carved inscriptions in Kharoshthi, Brahmi, and Tibetan. In particular, the carvings provide insights into the origins of the Kashmiri people and the early history of Buddhism.
Prior to the partition of Kashmir, Gurez had been a popular destination for foreign tourists, including Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who is known to have visited for hunting expedition some time before he became the US president. During the colonial period, Gurez was often visited by trekkers and big game hunters.
Gurez’s most formidable peak is Habba Khatoon peak. This pyramid shaped peak was named after the Kashmiri poetess & queen Habba Khatoon. This peak was originally called DUMBARI Mountain.

Fort of Dard King..

Habba Khatoon was a beautiful and intelligent woman from Saffron village Chandhara- Pampore and originally was named Zoon (which means Moon in English and is a common Kashmiri Name). She was the daughter of a peasant Abuddi Rather, who married her to an illiterate peasant boy named Habba. Zoon was ill-treated by her mother-in-law and husband, because she spent most of her time in poetry and singing.
According to legend, one day Yusuf Shah Chak Crown prince of Kashmir who was from Gurez Valley was out hunting on horseback. He heard Zoon singing under the shade of a Chinar tree, and the couple met and fell in love. Yousuf Shah Chak arranged her divorce and married her. She entered the palace in about 1570, and Shah at some point changed her name to Habba Khatoon. Yousuf Shah Chak became the last indigenous Muslim King of Kashmir in 1579. Chaks were formidable and ferocious fighters and soundly defeated the great Mughal Emperor Akbar twice and that too with a much smaller army. Some disgruntled Kashmiri nobles were often pushing Akbar to annex Kashmir and they arranged a meeting between Emperor Akbar And Yousuf Shah Chak at Agra in 1586. Akbar and the nobles who had arranged the meeting betrayed Yousuf Shah Chak. He was imprisoned for the rest of his life. It is narrated that Habba Khatoon, had opposed Yousuf’s travel to Agra, for she sensed Akbar’s offer as a bait. Yousuf Shah Chak was exiled to Bengal and later shifted to Bihar where he died at Nalanda Bihar Sharief.
In the meanwhile Yusuf was succeeded by his son Yakub Shah Chak (a great warrior as well) who ruled Kashmir for three years until 1589 AD, when it was annexed to Mughal Empire by Akbar.
After her husband’s exile, she wandered through out the valley ,particularly Gurez Valley and banks of river Jhelum in mourning. She died twenty years later by drowning into the Jhelum and now her tomb is at Athwajan.

Habba khatoon Mountain


Fort of Dard King
in Markoot village
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